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Digital Ecosystem for Consultants and Organisations connect and engage for Gigs.

As the name suggests, a fundraising consultant helps charities/non-profit organizations raise money exercises to assist them with accomplishing the outcomes they like. They are either people or an organization with long stretches of involvement within the field. They carry their ability and viewpoint to the table so you can take a gander at things from another point of view and plan for, looking at things from a new perspective and plan for the long run as opposed to staying stuck with a transient vision.

A dominant part of start-ups and early-stage companies face the uncertainty of raising capital, which regularly…

Few years back only start-ups used to hire freelancers, but nowadays, large MNCs are following this trend. The corporations have realized that gig economy is equally relevant as any other type of employment and they also know how this is can considered as important lever for future growth. The primary reasons consultants opt for freelancing is that it offers flexible models of working, new age technology projects and much more challenging work. Lot of credit goes to the online platforms which work as bridge for both, organizations seeking talents and individuals seeking challenges and right compensation for their talent.


India is changing to “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, are you ready?

Today, world is moving towards freelancing jobs. 49% of companies already employed gig workers and 65% plan to increase the no of gig workers over 2–5 Years. Freelancing can undoubtedly be a full-time job. It has lot of flexibility and can help you stick to any talent you are an expert in and the one you love to work on. As long as one is self-motivated, disciplined, committed and passionate about work, . Working hard and believing in oneself can help achieve success. …

With the development of early stage startups, the first thing that comes to every entrepreneur’s mind is finance or simply in the startup language we can say it as “funding”. Without funding do you think the startup can run smoothly? The answer is definitely not. It will be a foolish thing if we expect profit without investing a single penny. So whatever the niche of your business is, it is important to have funds to invest in the business.

Funding plays a vital part in every business operation, whether it is product development or manufacturing, setting up operations to managing…

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